Answered By: Jackie Stevens
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2024     Views: 10586

APA referencing style no longer requires you to provide a running head for essays, but this may be helpful if you want to add a header for each chapter in a thesis.

Please follow the steps below for Windows devices:

  1. Double click into the Header space in your document to open the editing function.
  2. Type your running head in capitals (this should be a shortened version of your full essay title, generally up to 50 characters long)
  3. To add page numbers, using the Tab key on the keyboard, tab along to the right hand position in the margin.
  4. In the Header toolbar you will see the Page Number icon. Click the small dropdown arrow beside it and choose Current Position. Choose the Plain Number format.
  5. Double click in the body of the page to come out of the Header space.

To add different headings to different sections (chapters) of the documents:

Complete steps above, then place your cursor below the text on the final page of the first chapter. Insert a section break so you can begin a new running head for the new chapter on the next page.

  1. To create a section break, locate the Layout tab in the toolbar, click the dropdown arrow beside Breaks (in the Page Setup block) and choose Next Page under Section Breaks.
  2. Your curser should now be blinking on the first page of the second section/chapter. Double click to open the Header on that page. Click the Link to Previous icon in the Navigation block to cancel the link to the previous section. This must be done in the order described.
  3. Replace the previous chapter's running head by typing over it with the new chapter's running head.


  2. Go back to page 1, double click in the Header, and type the words Running head: (not capitalised) in front of your essay title.  When you double click out of the header, the Title page will be set with the words Running head: TITLE, and the following pages will just contain TITLE in the header.