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Using elements from the instructions provided in the APA Guide to Electronic Resources (see images), the template for this reference in APA is:

Original author. (Pub date of work viewed). Title of work. (Translators name, Trans.). Retrieved from … (Original work published XXXX)

The following images show the relevant parts of the APA guide to help you understand how this is constructed:

APA_3. Translated example_page 12

The publication dates in the end text reference should include the works you have actually viewed (see also the final image). In this case you need to cite the following:

  1. the date when the electronic (internet) version was published online (date following the author's name)
  2. the date the translated version of Aristotle's work was published (date of "original" work at the end of the citation)

APA_Republished book example_page 17

From the Websites section of the APA guide (p.32):

APA_Website URL treatment_page 21

The online publication date may not be obvious. You may choose to use the "last updated" date or if you can't determine when the work was added to the site then you may use (n.d.). In various sections of the APA guide:

APA_No date_page 17

The resulting reference therefore would be:

End text:

Aristotle. (n.d.). Nichomachean ethics: Book II. (W.D. Ross, Trans.). Retrieved from The Internet Classics Archive: (Original work published 1925)

In text:

(Aristotle, 1925/n.d.)