Answered By: Ali Nearn
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2017     Views: 214

Some online resources, such as PubMed, do not offer the ability to export search results directly to RefWorks. In such cases, you can often save your search results as a text file which you can then import.

In PubMed

Here is how to import text files from PubMed search results:

  • After performing a search in PubMed, select the references you want to export
  • Click 'Send to link' towards the upper-right of the screen
  • Under Choose Destination, select 'File'
  • Under Format, select 'MEDLINE'
  • Click the 'Create File' button
  • Save the file somewhere convenient on your computer, such as your desktop.

In RefWorks

RefWorks uses "import filters" to read the imported data.

  • Select 'Import' from the References menu. 
  • Under Import Filter/Data Source, select the filter that corresponds to your source in this case 'NLM PubMed' (see note)
  • Click the 'Browse' button
  • Locate and select the file you just saved: pubmed_result.txt
  • Then click the 'Import' button
  • RefWorks should inform you that your selected references were successfully imported
  • Click the 'View Last Imported' button to see them
  • Any references you import from PubMed will show a double-helix icon
  • When you mouse-over the icon you'll see three different actions you can perform:
    • View the record in PubMed
    • Find related references in PubMed
    • Search PubMed for more items.

Note: To select a filter, you can either scroll through the list or just type the first few letters of the filter name. RefWorks will also remember the filters you have most recently used and list them at the top. In some cases you will also need to choose the particular database you searched. In this case there is just one choice, PubMed.