Answered By: Anusha Jebanasam
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If an author has only one name (e.g., some celebrities, some authors from Indonesia, ancient Greek and Roman authors, some group or corporate authors); an inseparable multipart name (e.g., Malcolm X, Lady Gaga); an essential title, in rare cases (Queen Elizabeth II); or a username (or screenname) only provide the full name or username without abbreviation in both the reference list and the in-text citation.  that is cite Plato, Sukarno, or Lady Gaga; do not abbreviate these names to P.; or Gaga, L. In the reference list entry, add a period after the author's name: Plato. (2017). 

This category does not include people who are well-known by their first name alone but who actually publish under their full name—for example, although you might know who Oprah is from her first name alone, she has published books as Oprah Winfrey and so would be credited in the reference list as Winfrey, O., and would be credited as Winfrey (or Oprah Winfrey) in the text—but never as just “Oprah” unless she published under only that name with no surname.


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