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According to the Chicago Manual [14.235], information about paintings, photographs, sculptures, or other works of art can usually be presented in the text rather than in a note or bibliography. For your own photographs, it is sufficient to give just a credit line/ caption below the image. 

Captions give concise descriptions, explanations, or identify elements, depending on the type of photograph. Begin each caption with a figure number and in your text, refer to the particular figure as you introduce it. Cite the figure number in parentheses and abbreviate the term figure i.e. (see fig.1).

While each lecturer may have a different preference for what information you will need for citing your own photographs, you can use this as a guide to create a caption.

Figure no: Figure 1

Author: You would be the author of a figure in your document

Title of the photograph/ figure

Date created

Material or medium



Figure 1. Authors full name, Title of the photograph, Medium, Dimensions, Location.

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