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There is a feature in Summon that allows you to save a search you have done, so you can go back to it later and re-run it. This feature requires that you have either a Google account, or a Microsoft account (it does not cost anything to create one of these accounts).

It's easiest if you create your Google or Microsoft account prior to saving searches in Summon.

How do I create a Google or Microsoft account?

  • Google:
  • Microsoft:

How do I save my search?

Once you've got a Google/Microsoft account created, you are ready to save your Summon searches!

First, do a search in Summon. This can be a basic search, an advanced search, a search that uses filters/facets, etc.

Once you have a set of search results and want to preserve your search strategy, click on the hollow star symbol at the top of the Summon screen, within the search box:

When you click on this star symbol you will see options to sign into a Google or Microsoft account, with the message "Sign in to save permanently".

Once you have clicked your preferred option (Google or Microsoft), and signed yourself in if necessary, you will be able to choose a name to save your search as, e.g. "Assignment for Ethics", "NURS2000 Assignment". Then click Done to save your search.

You will notice that the solid star has a number beside it (from 0 up). If you've just saved a search, this number will have increased by one increment. Note that you will only see a number here if you are currently signed in with your Google or Microsoft account and have saved one or more searches.

Click on the solid star to view your saved searches:

You will see the details of the search you saved, including any selected filters:

From this section you can rename your searches, or delete any you don't need anymore.

Do these searches get saved to my Google or Microsoft account?

No, they don't. Your Google or Microsoft accounts provide a mechanism for Summon to save your searches, but you will not find any trace of these searches when you have a look in your Google or Microsoft account.

They will however stay saved in Summon, so when you sign back in with your Google or Microsoft account at a later date, all previous saved searches will still be there.

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