Answered By: Jackie Stevens
Last Updated: Dec 15, 2020     Views: 8

Note: This error was resolved as of EndNote X9.1*

If the Change Case command is used for article titles, EndNote X9 does not "save" the changes (Note: change case for journal titles saves correctly).

EndNote X9 change case

When saving an article title having used the Change Case function (using File > Save), you may see that the Save button is grey and can't be clicked. If so, please use the following workaround until EndNote creates a fix:

  1. In your EndNote library, double click the article's record to open the full editing window.
  2. Highlight the article title concerned, and use the Change Case button to change to the desired capitalisation (eg choose Sentence case for APA).
  3. In addition, also make a small change in a field that will not show in your citation (eg type a space into the Notes field).
  4. Now click File > Save (Save should now be black), and close the window.
  5. The preview version of the citation may still show the previous capitalisation. If so, click on to another record in your library and then back into the one you just changed. The correct case should now show.

*As at March 2019