Answered By: Jackie Stevens
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It's good to question the citation that Summon gives you: we recommend that you might use it as a guide but check the APA referencing style to make sure it is correct.

To use your Aristotle example: if you click on the link in Summon to take you to the full catalogue book record, you can see what each of the so-called "authors" is responsible for:


  1. Aristotle is the author of course, but it is a translated work, so you need to consider how a translated work is dealt with. See the link below for the section of our APA guide dealing with translated classical materials. Please note that the example on that page is for an eBook - you will need to adapt the publisher information to reflect a print book.
  2. The other contributors (for introduction, notes, appendices, bibliography etc). are not ordinarily included in a reference, so you can ignore them for this exercise.
  3. Note that APA requires that you capitalise proper nouns, so Aristotle and Nicomachean.
  4. Revised edition is recorded as Rev. ed.
  5. Only include one city for a print book - use the first one listed on the title verso (or copyright) page of the book.