Answered By: Anusha Jebanasam
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For APA 7: 

Please refer to the Missing information tab under the Journals, Newspapers & Magazines section of the guide.  

Missing Information [9.26]: Usually journals have both a volume and an issue number, however, sometimes one of these might not be provided. Some online-only journals may have neither volume nor issue (this is rare). If you can't find both numbers, just use what you have.

For Chicago [CMOS17]: [14.171]

The year should appear in parentheses after the volume and issue number, and may be preceded by an exact date, a month, or a season, e.g. ...17, no. 2 (April 2013).

When a journal uses an issue number and no volume number, a comma should follow the journal title.


View the following links and/or this video for assistance: Credo: Video: Chicago Style 17th ed. Journals