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Reasons for decision, transcripts or other documents from the Magistrates Court (WA) are not published: access is limited and tightly controlled,  

Recommendation for students: Search the newspaper databases for discussion about the case.


The Application Process:

To apply you need to

A) satisfy the rules of who can apply:

  • Party to a matter can apply by way of a Form 1 (includes media)

  • Not a party to the matter apply by way of a Form 3A and accompanied by a Civil or Criminal affidavit.

B) Submit the appropriate forms (see list on website)

C) Be willing to pay the fees specified. (Not insiginficant)

D) Not be in a hurry.  Processing the forms, making a decision, and the transcription process can be lengthy

Details of the fees are outlined in the pdf document Magistrates Court Fees (WA) linked below, and the forms are listed on the Fees page link.