Answered By: Jackie Stevens
Last Updated: Feb 07, 2023     Views: 123

There are generally two instances for italicising online documents:

  1. If the online document is "standalone", e.g. a document that is self-contained outside of a web page, then the title is italicised. Examples of this include .pdf, Word and PowerPoint documents that may be reports, presentations, white papers and other "grey literature" which don't fall into "regular" categories.
  2. If the content is within a web page, consider whether the work you are citing stands alone, for example a press release written within a web page, which possibly has its own author - the title is italicised.

Otherwise when the information you are looking at is contained within a web page that is part of a greater whole, or cannot be easily separated from the larger website content, the titles of web pages are not italicised.

See the links below for referencing examples in the University Referencing guides.