Answered By: Jackie Stevens
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Chicago 17th edition Notes style prescribes the use of the short form consistently across footnotes, replacing the use of 'ibid.'. The EndNote Chicago 17th Footnote output style is currently only available as a download from, not as a default style within EndNote. Downloading the Chicago 17th style is preferable to editing Chicago 16th. See links below for more information.

The following instruction is relevant to editing EndNote's Chicago 16th Footnote output style.

Making a change to the Chicago 16th output style in EndNote will entail creating a "new" style.

Choose Edit > Output Styles > Edit Chicago 16th Footnote

Under the Footnotes heading, follow the changes outlined below:

  1. Repeated citations subheading: select Use the short form and No special handling.

Chicago short form - footnotes repeated citations


  1. Templates subheading: uncheck When using the short form, include title field only to disambiguate.

Chicago short form - footnotes templates

  1. Author Lists subheading: to make the Author name to appear, under Subsequent works by the same author, choose Print the author list as defined above:

Chicago short form - footnotes author lists

Save the changes to a "new" style (eg Chicago 16th Footnote Short Form) and close the window. Remember to use the new style name in the document.

To read more about short form footnotes in Chicago 17th edition, please see the links below.