Answered By: Ali Nearn
Last Updated: Jun 30, 2022     Views: 349

Tips and tricks for performing advanced searches in JSTOR:

  • Use synonyms - names of places change, different terms are used in different countries
  • JSTOR excludes 'stop words' such as "a", "in", "at" etc.
  • Use quotation marks when performing phrase searches - JSTOR will search words in the order that they appear in a phrase
  • 90% of the articles in JSTOR do not contain abstracts, so be careful when choosing this option
  • When using the date range, be aware that names of places change over time - for example, Sri Lanka used to be called Ceylon, Burma is now known by its official name of Myanmar
  • Use a wildcard (*) to search for different spellings of the same word, eg. counsel* will return results for 'counselling' and 'counseling'
  • Narrow your search results one step at a time
  • Save results in My JSTOR so that you can return to them later.