Answered By: Copyright Officer University Library
Last Updated: Feb 07, 2023     Views: 351

The existing educational statutory licences in Parts VA and VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (Act) will be replaced by one simplified statutory licence (New Statutory Licence), which takes effect on 22nd December 2017. On that date, the Parts VA and VB statutory licences cease to exist.

The New Statutory Licence will provide greater flexibility over what can be negotiated and agreed with Copyright Agency and Screenrights in relation to copying and communications. This includes the copying and communication limits for works.

These licences effectively exempt the University and its current staff and students from certain obligations under the Copyright Act but do so in specific ways.

The licences are:

  • The Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) Licence
    • This is administered by the Copyright Agency Limited, and covers the copying and communication of literary, dramatic, and artistic works, in both print and digital formats.
    • The agreement provides, however, that you can copy or communicate a work under the New Statutory Licence if the amount is no more than the amount that would have been permitted under Part VB. This is designed to create certainty while the terms of the new agreement are negotiated.
  • The Screenrights Licence

The current agreement with Screenrights terminates on 31 December 2018. While a new agreement is being negotiated, you can continue to rely on the New Statutory Licence to copy and communicate broadcasts. There are no copying or communication limits for broadcasts under the New Statutory Licence (this is also the case under the Part VA statutory licence).