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Use this option when you know you are going on Annual Leave and would like to inform people of when you will be returning and/or alternative contact details for the duration.


1. Open your Notre Dame Webmail and go to Options (directly above Search)
2. You will see Vacation Message as an option on the left. Click on this.
3. Insert your Start and Stop Dates Add a subject line (eg. Away on Annual Leave)
4. You now have the option of setting two different messages for Internal mail and External mail (or you can set them to be the same message):

  • Internal Mail Example - you could inform other staff members that you will be away and could they contact the School Admin staff.
  • External Mail Example - state that you will be away and will endeavor to reply to all emails when you return. If the query is urgent, you could then ask them to contact School Admin staff.

5. Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom.
6. When you are ready for the message to be turned on (end of your last day before your leave starts), go back in to your Webmail options - Vacation Message and check the box (Enable automatic vacation reply).
7. The Vacation Message should automatically switch itself off on the last day of your leave (stop vacation notice on - date). Please check it to make sure.

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