Answered By: Jeannine McCartney-Johnson
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Ebook Central  patrons can migrate their Ebrary bookshelf across to the Ebook Central platform.  
Patrons are first required to sign in with their user name and password which then links them to  their personal account and bookshelf.  
**Have your previous ebrary bookshelf  username handy and follow the screen prompts. This might have been different to your user name and password login.
  • Once the patron clicks the "Move ebrary Bookshelf" button, they are shown the following screen:
User-added image
  • Click the "Get Started" button, to be taken to the sign-in page that had been used on ebrary. Once you successfully sign in there, your bookshelf contents are copied over to your Ebook Central bookshelf. Note, in some cases the system may not even need them to take the step of signing in on ebrary.
  • If the system was able to successfully copy their bookshelf, the patron is shown this message:
User-added image
  • If the system could not locate an ebrary bookshelf for the patron, or runs into other complications - which is very rare - the patron is shown this message:
User-added image
  • ​The moved or not moved message will continue to display in the patron's bookshelf until they click the X to close it.

Frequently asked questions by patrons about bookshelf migration:
Q: If I already saved things to my Ebook Central bookshelf and then copy over my old ebrary bookshelf, will it overwrite it?
A: No - it just adds your ebrary bookshelf information.

Q: Since ebrary and Ebook Central docIDs are different, once I copy over my old ebrary bookshelf, will my saved links to books still point to the right book?
A:  Yes indeed!

Q: What if I had two or more personal ebrary accounts? Which bookshelf contents will be copied over?
A: Each Ebook Central account can only be mapped to one ebrary account. If the system sends you back to ebrary to sign in, it will map to whichever account you sign into. If the system copies over your bookshelf without needing you to sign in on ebrary, it will copy over the ebrary account with the same username.

Q: Will everything in my bookshelf be copied over?
A: Yes, for each book you had saved in your bookshelf, a link to that book will be copied over, and it will include the notes, highlights, and bookmarks you had made.  Also, the folder structure you had set up, if any, will be retained.

Q: What if my bookshelf migration fails and I still really want the contents of my old ebrary bookshelf?
A: Contact and provide the username and email details for your Ebook Central account as well as for your old ebrary account.