Answered By: Sophie Farrar
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Examples below relate to referencing the Gospels.  For examples of referencing other books of the Bible, refer to the Religious & Classical Works section of the APA or Chicago Referencing Guide. 


You do not need a reference list entry when you cite a specific part of the Bible (e.g. the Gospel of Mark) but you must include an in-text citation with the relevant book, chapter and verse.  For example:

... "My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death" (Mark 14:34 New International Version). *

Chicago Footnotes:

In-text references are required (i.e. footnote) but you do not need to reference the Bible in the bibliography.  Footnotes should include the book, chapter, and verse. For example, the footnote for a Gospel reference would look like this:

Mark 14:34 (New International Version) *

* Please note: You only need to include the version you used e.g. (New International Version) the first time you reference the Bible.  This can be left out of subsequent citations.