Answered By: Natsu Asakura
Last Updated: Aug 27, 2018     Views: 464

There are two types of drives that students can access.

1) H: Drive

H: Drive is a storage space allocated for students, and the drive is only accessible on campus. When you open computer, you will see the storage space named "H: drive."
"H: Drive"is designed for a temporary location for you to save files and documents before you upload them to OneDrive (or any other cloud base storage solutions such as DropBox), and space allocated for this drive is strictly limited. Also, permissions are locked down to you only, and you are unable to share document /folders.
The capacity of H: Drive is set to 250MB only. Once you fill up this space, you will not be able to add any more files and folders until you delete others.


2) Student File Server

Student File Server is a storage of all useful information, documents, and forms for the students.

When you log on to Notre Dame Computers, the Student File Servier is available as "S: Drive" under the computer. The Student File Server is accessible via MyND Portal if you are off campus.