Answered By: Natsu Asakura
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2017     Views: 312

1) Click Windows icon on the left bottom of the screen.

2) Click “Setting”.

3) Click “Network and Internet”.

4) Click “Manage WiFi Settings”.

5) If you find an existing UNDA WiFi connections under "Manage Known Networks", proceed to the next step. Otherwise, go to 8)

6) Click an existing network, the click “Forget”.


7) Go back to “Network and Internet” screen, and click “Network and Sharing Centre”.



8) Click “Set up a new connection or network”.


9) Select “Manually connect to a wireless network”, then click “Next”.


10) Complete the network information as per followings, then click OK.

- Type Network name: as per follow. Please follow upper / lower cases too.


- Select Security Type to "WPA2-Enterprise."

- Untick "Start this connection automatically."

- Tick "Connect even if the network is not broadcasting."


11) Click "Change Connection Settings."

12) Click "Security" Tab on "Hotspot Wireless Network Property".



13) Click “Setting”.


14) Un-tick “Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate”, then click “OK”.


15)  Click “Advanced Settings”.

16) Tick “Specify the authentication mode”.


17) Select “User Authentication" from drop down lists, then click “OK”.


18) Close all dialogues /windows.

19) Click “WiFi" Icon on the right bottom of the screen.

20) Select “UNDA-WiFi”, then click “Connect”. You are required to fill in the authentication as per below to connect to UNDA wireless connection.

User ID: Your student ID

Password: Your MyND portal login ID


21) If you are unable to connect to UNDA-WiFi, repeat the entire process, including “Forget” the existing networks.


If you are still unable to connect WiFi, please kindly contact IT Service Desk.