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The below steps, if followed correctly, will endeavour to properly connect your personal windows phone to your personal MyND email account. Before configuring your devices, please read the below carefully.

-           As your personal device is not a University asset, support from the local Student IT Service Desks for this service is very limited.

-           As applications and various variables such as data plans and connections can vary the success of a connection. It's very important that the steps to connect to MyND Email are followed as mentioned below correctly.

-           As with any application or service that requires an internet connection from the phone, it's important to check with your Network provider about your data plan, whether pre-paid or post-paid. Please speak to your Network provider to see if you're covered.

-           An excessive use of applications and services such as this connection to MyND Email can lead to large charging costs if you the application over 3G / LTE plan on your mobile devices. The University recommends that you do not proceed with any of the below steps if you're unsure of your current plan.

-           The following connection to the below MyND Email was completed on a HTC HD7 with Windows7. Some of the terminology may be different (it depends on the version of Windows Phone).



1.              Unlock your device

2.              If you have no email setup, tap the "Email setup" tile directly (next step is step4.). If however you have already got an email account setup on your Windows Phone 7, please proceed to step 3.

3.              Enter into your applications menu and navigate down to 'Settings'. When in Settings, navigate to the system option "email & accounts"

4.              Select Outlook

5.              The following screen contains important information on how your account will connect to MyND Email. The following settings need to be in place with the following formatting, (Press Sign-In)

Email: (please note the suffix)


Your password that you login with on the University computer and the MyND portal

6.              Give your Windows Phone 7 a few seconds to collect the configuration settings from the Office 365 servers.

7.              Your MyND Portal email, contacts and calendar have been set up on your Windows Phone.


8.              You may send test email to confirm if configuration works correctly.


You may check more details at MS Office Support page.

If you require further assistance, please contact IT Services.



Reviewed/ Updated: 13/3/2018