Answered By: Natsu Asakura
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The below steps, if followed correctly, will endeavour to properly connect your personal andoroid phone to your personal MyND email account. Before configuring your devices, please read the below carefully.

-          As your personal device is not a University asset, support from the local Student IT Service Desks for this service is very limited.

-          As applications and various variables such as data plans and connections can vary the success of a connection. It's very important that the steps to connect to MyND Email are followed as mentioned below correctly.

-              As with any application or service that requires an internet connection from the phone, it's important to check with your Network provider about your data plan, whether pre-paid or post-paid. Please speak to your Network provider to see if you're covered.

-          An excessive use of applications and services such as this connection to MyND Email can lead to large charging costs if you the application over 3G / LTE plan on your mobile devices. The University recommends that you do not proceed with any of the below steps if you're unsure of your current plan.

-          The below steps worked for the email app on Samsung phones. Other Andorid phones may have different steps to configure email. 



1.   Start “Apps” from your home screen

2.   Select the “Email App

3.   Enter email address and password: (

4.   Choose “Manual setup”.

5.   Choose  “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

6.   Enter in the following details into the appropriate sections:

Email: (please note the suffix)
Domain:       Leave blank
Username: (please note the suffix)
Password:     Your password for University computers and the MyND Portal itself.
Description:   Your preferred name for the account. By default this is "Exchange"

7.   Tick the “Use secure connection (SSL)” checkbox, and tap “Next”.

8.   On ‘Activation Window’ pick “OK”. 

9.   The system start to connect the server. It may takes few minutes.

10.  Once connected, choose which account details you would like synced and select “Next”.

11.   Select “Activate”.

12.   On ‘Give this account a name (Optional)’ screen, type your preferred email account name. You may choose the account name such as MyND Email and student email in case you already configure email Apps with your other email accounts.

13.   You should now have your MyND student email set up on your phone. You may send few test email to make sure that the configuration works correctly.

If you require further assistance, please contact IT Services.