Answered By: Natsu Asakura
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At the University of Notre Dame, we use single ID and password to access all IT Services.

Domain\user name: This is your Student ID Number. However it can also be written as ND\Student ID or Student

Examples: 30094444, ND\3009444 or (where 3009444 is your student ID number).

Password: This is the password you use for access to all the ND IT Services and Applications.


 <How to log in to university computer>

1. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard.

2. Accept the University's terms and conditions by clicking "ok".

3. Type in your Student Number and Password in the appropriate fields.

4. Press “enter” key or click 

4. Your desktop will now load and appear. 


Once you log in to computer, you are able to access all available software and application, preloaded to the computer.


<How to log in to MyND Portal>

Once you log in to the University Computer, you can access to MyND Portal without log in.

However, if you are accessing MyND portal on your computer (eg: Laptop and Tablets), you are required to log in to University WiFi (Wireless) first, then log in to MyND portal with your user name and password.

For more information on how to connect WiFi, please click the below.

-        Wifi (Wireless) Setings on Android devices.

-        Wifi (Wireless) Setings on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch).

-        Wifi (Wireless) Setings on OSX (Macbook/Macbook Air).

-        Wifi(wireless) Settings on Windows 7 Professional.

-        Wifi (wireless) Settings on Windows 7 Home Edition.

-        Wifi (Wireless) on other devices.


<How to access online applications and Services>

Once you log in to the MyND Portal, you are required to log in to access to the following online applications and services.

-          Email (Office 365 student email)

-          Allocate+ (Time Tabling)

-          LearnIt (Blackboard - Learning Management System)

-          Sonia (Placement Management)

-          Student Acad.Info

-          SkyDrive(One Drive - Cloud storage services)


The following services are available without further log in once you logged in to MyND Portal.

-          Library eResources

-          View your Details (Check your personal record)

-          Suggest (When you would like to submit your feedback about IT services)

-          Support (when you log a request via online form)



<Student File Server>

Student File Server is a storage of all useful information, documents, and forms for the students.

This service is accessible both on campus and off campus as long as you successfully log in to MyND portal.



If you require further assistance, please contact IT Services.