Answered By: Alison Gowers
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2017     Views: 567

Yes you can, as long as the images are used for educational purposes only and the use qualifies as being 'fair'.

'Fair use' depends on the purpose and character of your use; the nature of the work you are using; the possibility of obtaining the work within a reasonable time at an ordinary commercial price; the effect of the dealing on the potential market for, or value of, the work; and, where only part of a work is copied, the amount and substantiality of the part copied in relation to the whole work. It is also good practice to attribute the source of the image where appropriate.

However, generally speaking, use of images from the Internet in teaching material is likely to be fair use. This means you you are free to copy and distribute copies of images to support teaching and learning as long as you attribute/reference them.

An alternative to using images from the Internet is Britannica Image Quest (a resources the University Library subscribes too). This can be found (along with information on Creative Commons images) on the 'Using Images and Music' section of the University Library Copyright Guide.

If you have any concerns please contact the University Copyright Officer:



Please view the Copyright Guide on the University Library website for more information about the above topic as well as other areas of Copyright.