Answered By: Patricia Farnan
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2017     Views: 211

Overdue items not returned within one month of their due date are assumed lost.

If an item is deemed lost, the Library will issue you with an invoice for:

  • Replacement cost of the item
  • $25.00 administration fee.

Replacement cost

If you return the item, or bring in a replacement copy of the same edition, the replacement cost will be waived from your record, but the maximum amount of fines ($28.00 per item) will still be charged to your account.

If you cannot find a replacement copy of the item, you will need to pay the replacement cost in full.

Administrative fee

You can avoid paying the administration fee if you find the book or buy a replacement before the Library invoices you. Once you have been invoiced, you have to pay the fee even if you later return or replace the lost item.

Therefore, if you become aware that an item you have loaned is lost or damaged, visit your Library as soon as possible to ask for assistance.