Answered By: Ali Nearn
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018     Views: 702

A DOI or Digital Object Identifier is an alpha numeric name that identifies digital content such as a journal article or an e-book. (It might look something like this: 10.1093/0199245088.001.0001.) It is unique to each piece of digital content and provides a persistent link to that content no matter where it is located on the internet.

DOIs are increasingly being used in article and e-book databases, and are usually part of the citation details of a particular piece of work. The APA (American Psychological Association), Chicago Manual of Style and similar organisations now recommend that DOIs be used in referencing. 

If you have a the DOI of a resource, you can:

  • Check if the University Library provides access to the full text content
  • Verify a reference

You can search for a resource by DOI in the 'Citation Search' service linked below.