Answered By: Alison Gowers
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2017     Views: 158

The limits have generally been understood to apply to a unit.

Therefore if you teach more than one unit, you can photocopy one chapter from a book for students of one of the units and a different chapter from the same book for another unit.

However, if you share lecturing duties for a unit you can only copy one chapter per book for the unit between the lecturers for that unit.

The exception to this proviso is online (web) communication, where the limits are applied to the University as a whole.

If the university wishes to make available online a 'reasonable portion' of a work (other than an article contained in a periodical publication), it can only do so if no other part of the same work is made available at the same time.

Please view the Copyright Guide on the University Library website for more information about the above topic as well as other areas of Copyright.