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Course List

ABOR1000 Aboriginal People
ABRD1001 Study Abroad Holding Unit 1
ABRD1002 Study Abroad Holding Unit 2
ABRD1003 Study Abroad Holding Unit 3
ABRD1004 Study Abroad Holding Unit 4
ARTS3000 Writers Workshop Australia
ARTS3008 Arts Internship
ARTS3010 Experience the World I
ARTS3800 Special Projects
ARTS3850 Directed Individual Study
ARTS4010 Honours Research Seminar I
ARTS4020 Honours Research Seminar II
ARTS4030 Honours Directed Study
ARTS4040 Honours Coursework Unit II
ARTS4050 Supervised Honours Research
ARTS4051 Supervised Honours Research
ARTS4060 Honours Research Seminar
ARTS4061 Honours Research Seminar
ARTS5010 Research Methods
ARTS5060 Capstone C: Research Project
ARTS5070 Capstone D: Research Project
ARTS6000 Literature Review
ARTS6001 Professional Project
ARTS6003 Research Project
ARTS6004 Research Project
ARTS6005 Special Project
BUSN1000 Economics
BUSN1030 Quantitative Methods for Business
BUSN1050 Business Communication
BUSN1060 Business Information Technology
BUSN1110 Accounting for Business
BUSN1200 Principles of Finance
BUSN1220 Principles of Marketing
BUSN1600 Principles of Management
BUSN2000 Events Management
BUSN2010 Microeconomic Theory and Policy
BUSN2020 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
BUSN2030 Business Research Methods
BUSN2050 Integrated Marketing Communications
BUSN2060 Intermediate Mathematics for Economics and Finance
BUSN2090 Professional Writing
BUSN2110 Managerial Accounting
BUSN2150 Financial Accounting A
BUSN2160 Financial Accounting B
BUSN2200 Managerial Finance
BUSN2280 Psychology of Work
BUSN2340 Employment Law
BUSN2350 The Economics of Financial Crises
BUSN2400 Business Law
BUSN2450 Taxation
BUSN2520 Consumer Behaviour
BUSN2580 Introduction to Public Relations
BUSN2660 Employment Relations
BUSN2730 Principles of Human Resource Management
BUSN3020 Leadership: Theory and Practice
BUSN3100 Strategic Business Intelligence
BUSN3110 Accounting for Corporate Entities
BUSN3120 Advanced Accounting Concepts
BUSN3130 Auditing
BUSN3140 Human Resource Development
BUSN3150 E-Marketing
BUSN3180 e-Public Relations (e-PR)
BUSN3200 Corporate Finance
BUSN3230 Services Marketing
BUSN3260 International Finance
BUSN3270 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
BUSN3290 Mediation and Dispute Resolution
BUSN3350 Issues and Crisis Management
BUSN3370 Corporate Public Relations
BUSN3380 Advanced Economics
BUSN3390 Econometrics
BUSN3400 Company Law
BUSN3440 Media Planning and Buying
BUSN3500 Strategic Marketing
BUSN3540 International Marketing
BUSN3600 Strategic Management
BUSN3680 Change Management
BUSN3690 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BUSN3700 Human Resource Policy
BUSN3740 Strategic Workforce Issues
BUSN3900 Business Internship
BUSN3910 Directed Research Topic
BUSN5100 Accounting for Managers
BUSN5155 Business Law
BUSN5240 Corporate Financial Analysis
BUSN5270 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
BUSN5290 Negotiation Skills
BUSN5350 Issues and Crisis Management
BUSN5500 Marketing
BUSN5520 Consumer Behaviour
BUSN5570 Strategic Marketing for Managers
BUSN5620 Leadership: Theory and Practice
BUSN5730 Human Resource Management
BUSN5740 Strategic Workforce Issues
BUSN5910 Directed Business Project
COMM1060 Media and Society
COMM1210 Introduction to Screen Production
COMM1420 Introduction to Journalism
COMM2010 Production: Creative Advertising
COMM2020 Screenwriting
COMM2030 Language of Film
COMM2150 Screen Production: Skills and Practice
COMM2300 Digital Media Production
COMM2330 Journalism for Television and Video
COMM2340 Journalism: Theory and Practice
COMM3000 News and Current Affairs
COMM3008 Communications Internship
COMM3040 Feature Writing
COMM3050 Media Ethics and Law
COMM3060 Online Newsroom
COMM3260 Advanced Screen Production: Documentary
COMM3270 Advanced Screen Production: Drama
COMM3300 Documentary Studies
COMM3430 Advertising Design: Professional Brief
COMM3510 Advertising and Society
COMM3620 World Cinema
COMM3700 Radio
CORE1001 Logos I
CORE1002 Logos II
CORE1003 Logos III
COUN1003 Theories and Approaches to Counselling
COUN1004 Counselling Skills Training 1
COUN2010 Counselling Couples and Families
COUN3002 Placement and Supervision
COUN3003 Placement and Supervision
COUN3004 Counselling Couples and Families
COUN3005 Counselling Older People
COUN3150 Counselling the Older Adult
COUN3170 Professional, Legal and Ethical Issues in Counselling
COUN6000 Interpersonal Group Practice
COUN6001 Counselling Skills
COUN6002 Theoretical Approaches to Counselling
COUN6003 Approaches to Mental Health
COUN6004 Theory and Practice of Group Facilitation
COUN6005 Family Systems and Couples
COUN6006 Placement, Supervision and Case Studies
COUN6007 Placement, Supervision and Case Studies
COUN6008 Professional Practice
COUN6009 Trauma, Loss and Grief Counselling
COUN6010 Specialised Counselling Approaches
CRST1001 Cross Institutional Study Undergraduate 1
CRST1002 Cross Institutional Study Undergraduate 2
CRST1003 Cross Institutional Study Undergraduate 3
CRST1004 Cross Institutional Study Undergraduate 4
CRST2001 Cross Institutional Study Postgraduate 1
CRST2002 Cross Institutional Study Postgraduate 2
EDUC1004 Academic Skills
EDUC1006 Learning and Development
EDUC1009 English Language and Literacy
EDUC1011 Digital Technologies
EDUC1012 Creative Arts in the Early Years
EDUC1013 Learning Environments and Play in the Early Years
EDUC1015 Creating a Positive Learning Framework
EDUC1016 Mathematics and Numeracy
EDUC1017 The Global Citizen
EDUC1018 Introduction to the Bible and Church
EDUC1019 Teaching the Sacraments
EDUC1020 Literacy, Numeracy and ICT
EDUC2003 Visual Arts
EDUC2004 Reading, Viewing and Listening
EDUC2005 English 3
EDUC2006 Mathematical Foundations and Perspectives
EDUC2007 Health and Physical Education
EDUC2008 Australia and the World
EDUC2011 Mathematics 3
EDUC2013 Biological and Earth Sciences
EDUC2018 Teaching Method 1 - HSIE
EDUC2019 Teaching Method 1 - Drama
EDUC2021 Teaching Method 1 English
EDUC2022 Teaching Method 1 -  History
EDUC2023 Teaching Method 1 Mathematics
EDUC2024 Teaching Method 1 -  Studies of Religion
EDUC2033 Teaching Method 1: Studies of Religion
EDUC2034 Foundational Principles of Teaching
EDUC2036 Professional Experience 2: Early Childhood
EDUC2038 Professional Experience 2: Primary
EDUC2041 Professional Experience 2: Secondary
EDUC2042 Planning and Pedagogy in the Early Years
EDUC2619 Principles of Primary Religious Education 1
EDUC3002 Music, Dance  and Drama
EDUC3003 English 4
EDUC3005 Mathematics, ICT and Curriculum
EDUC3008 Professional Experience 4 – Internship
EDUC3009 Physical and Chemical Sciences
EDUC3011 Teaching Methods 2: HSIE
EDUC3014 Teaching Method 2: Drama
EDUC3016 Professional Experience 4 - Internship
EDUC3017 Diversity in Education
EDUC3020 Professional Experience 3: Primary
EDUC3023 Service Learning
EDUC3026 ICT in Primary Education
EDUC3028 Inclusive Education
EDUC3029 Professional Experience 3: Secondary
EDUC3031 Teaching Method 2: English
EDUC3032 Teaching Method 2: History
EDUC3033 Teaching Method 2: Mathematics
EDUC3034 Teaching Method 2: Studies of Religion
EDUC3619 Principles of Primary Religious Education 2
EDUC4001 Families and Partnerships in Teaching and Learning: 0-8 years
EDUC4003 Creating Learning Environments: 0-8 years
EDUC4006 Professional Engagement
EDUC4007 Professional Experience 4: Primary Internship
EDUC4008 Leadership and Management in the Early Years
EDUC4009 Family and Community Partnerships in the Early Years
EDUC4023 Professional Experience 4: Secondary Internship
EDUC4810 Directed Individual Study I
EDUC4812 Directed Individual Study 5
EDUC5025 Bridging Unit: Intro to Early Childhood Education
EDUC5116 Designing Curriculum for Effective Learning
EDUC5117 Principles and Practices of Assessment and Evaluation
EDUC6001 Retreat Leadership in Catholic Schools
EDUC6005 Inclusion: Theory to Practice
EDUC6007 Ethical Leadership and Management in the Early Years
EDUC6008 Learning Environments and Play in the Early Years
EDUC6009 Planning for Effective Teaching
EDUC6010 Pedagogy, Programming and Planning in the Early Years
EDUC6011 Professional Experience in Early Years Settings
EDUC6012 English and Literacy Across the Curriculum
EDUC6013 Mathematics and Numeracy Across the Curriculum
EDUC6014 Literacy and Numeracy Across the Curriculum
EDUC6015 Inclusive Education
EDUC6016 Development, Learning and Engagement
EDUC6018 KLA History and Geography
EDUC6019 KLA Science and Technology
EDUC6020 Positive Learning Frameworks
EDUC6023 KLA English
EDUC6024 KLA Mathematics
EDUC6027 Internship and Transition to Teaching
EDUC6028 Authentic Assessment
EDUC6030 Independent Inclusive Education Research Project
EDUC6031 KLA Arts
EDUC6032 Mathematics Specialisation
EDUC6033 Teaching Method 1: Drama
EDUC6034 Teaching Method 1: Commerce
EDUC6035 Teaching Method 1: English
EDUC6036 Teaching Method 1: Geography
EDUC6037 Teaching Method 1: History
EDUC6038 Teaching Method 1: Mathematics
EDUC6039 Teaching Method 2: Ancient History
EDUC6040 Teaching Method 2: Business Studies
EDUC6041 Teaching Method 2: Drama
EDUC6042 Teaching Method 2: English
EDUC6043 Teaching Method 2: Geography
EDUC6044 Teaching Method 2: Mathematics
EDUC6045 Teaching Method 2: Modern History
EDUC6046 Introduction to the International Baccalaureate
EDUC6047 Applied Pedagogy
EDUC6048 Assessment in the Diploma Program
EDUC6049 Curriculum in the Diploma Program
EDUC6050 Assessment in the Primary Years Program
EDUC6051 Curriculum in the Primary Years Program
EDUC6052 Teaching Method 1: Studies of Religion
EDUC6053 Teaching Method 2: Studies of Religion
EDUC6188 Critical Issues in Religious Education I
EDUC6240 Educating Children with Special Needs
EDUC6660 Adaptive Education for the Inclusive Classroom
EDUC6810 Directed Individual Study I
EDUC6820 Directed Individual Study II
EDUC6890 Children of High Ability: Gifted and Talented
ENAB0010 Communication Skills
ENAB0020 Essential Mathematics
ENAB0030 Research Skills and Information Literacy
ENAB0040 Academic Writing
ENAB0080 Foundations of Human Biology
ENAB0100 Learning for University
ENGL1020 The Western Literary Tradition
ENGL1040 World Literatures Today
ENGL1050 Theory and Practice of Modern Theatre
ENGL3008 English Literature Internship
ENGL3040 Modernism and the Avant-Garde
ENGL3060 Australian Theatre
ENGL3160 Australian Literature And The Post Colonial Challenge
ENGL3310 Classical and Romantic Poetry
ENGL3410 Drama in the Age of Shakespeare
HIST1000 A History of Western Civilisation
HIST1001 Making Australian History
HIST2000 Writing Lives
HIST2002 Ancient Worlds
HIST2005 Age of Empire and Revolution: Europe 1789-1989
HIST2010 Australia and the Asia Pacific: from Past to Present
HIST2013 A History of Ancient Greece
HIST2021 The History and Politics of Southeast Asia
HIST2023 Making History and the Politics of the Past
HIST2026 The European Middle Ages, c.450-c.1250
HIST3000 Writing Lives: Personalities in History from Antiquity to the Present
HIST3008 History Internship
HIST3023 Making History and the Politics of the Past
LAWS1000 Legal Research and Writing
LAWS1010 Legal Process and Statutory Interpretation
LAWS1020 Legal History
LAWS2110 Contract Law A
LAWS2120 Contract Law B
LAWS2210 Torts A
LAWS2220 Torts B
LAWS2300 Contemporary Legal Issues
LAWS2310 Equity
LAWS2320 Trusts
LAWS2410 Property Law A
LAWS2420 Property Law B
LAWS2439 Property Law B
LAWS2510 Criminal Law A
LAWS2520 Criminal Law B
LAWS3000 Health Law
LAWS3001 Evidence
LAWS3002 Administrative Law
LAWS3003 Constitutional Law
LAWS3030 Competition and Consumer Law
LAWS3050 Family Law
LAWS3090 Human Rights Law
LAWS3110 Indigenous Law
LAWS3150 Bioethics and the Law
LAWS3210 Corporations and Partnerships
LAWS3249 Evidence B
LAWS3260 Environmental Law
LAWS3280 International Commercial Dispute Resolution
LAWS3329 Administrative Law B
LAWS3330 Construction and Building Contract Law
LAWS3382 Mental Health Law
LAWS3390 Introduction to Canon Law
LAWS3429 Constitutional Law B
LAWS3440 Law and Religion
LAWS3470 Introduction to Australian Income Tax Law
LAWS3480 Advanced Taxation Law
LAWS3500 Legal Philosophy
LAWS3520 Special Topics in Law I
LAWS3521 Special Topics in Law II
LAWS3600 Advocacy
LAWS3730 Law in Context (Externships)
LAWS3950 Commercial Law
LAWS4001 Civil Procedure
LAWS4030 Private International Law
LAWS4050 Remedies
LAWS4200 Public International Law
LAWS4209 Public International Law
LAWS4220 International Law Moot
LAWS4410 Advanced Research Project
LAWS4411 Advanced Research Project
LAWS4420 Directed Research Project
LAWS4620 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAWS4649 Civil Procedure B
LAWS4710 Commercial Practice and Ethics
LAWS4719 Commercial Practice and Ethics
LAWS5339 Canon Law
LAWS5344 Law and Religion
MATH1020 Statistics
MATH1030 Principles of Mathematics
MATH2000 Linear Algebra
MATH2020 Calculus
MATH3030 Discrete Mathematics
MATH3040 Advanced Calculus
MATH5000 Principles of Mathematics
MATH5001 Linear Algebra
MATH5002 Statistics
MATH5030 Calculus
MATH5050 Advanced Calculus
MEDI2000 Foundations of Clinical Practice
MEDI3000 Apprenticeship in Clinical Practice
MEDI4000 Preparation for Internship
MEDI4001 Supervised Honours Research (Medicine)
MEDI6001 Foundations of a Medical Vocation
MEDI6002 Foundations for Clinical Practice
MEDI6003 Apprenticeship in Clinical Practice
MEDI6004 Preparation for Internship
MEDI6005 Applied Research Project
NURS1000 Human Body 1
NURS1001 Professional Practice in Nursing
NURS1002 Nursing Practice 1
NURS1003 Primary Health Care 1
NURS1004 Communication for Nurses
NURS1005 Professional Practice 1
NURS1006 Sociology for Nurses
NURS1007 Human Body 2
NURS1008 Ethics and Law in Nursing
NURS1009 Nursing Practice 2
NURS1010 Professional Practice 2
NURS2000 Clinical Therapeutics 1
NURS2001 Research for Practice
NURS2002 Acute Care Nursing Practice 1
NURS2003 Primary Health Care 2
NURS2004 Professional Practice 3
NURS2005 Clinical Therapeutics 2
NURS2006 Acute Care Nursing Practice 2
NURS2007 Mental Health Care
NURS2008 Professional Practice 4
NURS3000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Health
NURS3001 Chronic Illness, Rehabilitation and Palliation
NURS3002 Assessing and Managing the Deteriorating Patient
NURS3003 Mental Health Nursing
NURS3004 Professional Practice 5
NURS3005 Leadership and Governance
NURS3006 Transition to Practice
NURS3007 Perioperative Nursing
NURS3008 Maternal and Newborn Nursing
NURS3009 Paediatric and Adolescent Nursing
NURS3010 Palliative Care Nursing
NURS3011 Advanced Mental Health Nursing Practice
NURS3012 Critical Care Nursing
NURS3013 Professional Practice 6
NURS4000 Advanced Health Assessment
NURS4006 Professional Development
NURS4010 Ophthalmic Nursing 1
NURS4011 Opthalmic Nursing 2
PHIL1020 The Method and Basic Problems of Philosophy
PHIL1030 Critical Thinking
PHIL2010 Introduction to Formal Logic
PHIL2060 The Philosophy of Science
PHIL2070 The Philosophy of Language
PHIL2100 History of Philosophy: Ancient
PHIL2110 History of Philosophy: Medieval
PHIL2130 History of Philosophy: Modern
PHIL2140 History of Philosophy: Contemporary
PHIL3000 Aquinas: Analytic and Phenomenological approaches
PHIL3010 Business Ethics
PHIL3030 An Introduction to Metaphysics
PHIL3060 Faith and Reason
PHIL3070 Philosophy of Education
PHIL3080 Natural Law
PHIL3090 Moral Philosophy
PHIL3150 Philosophy of Love and Friendship
PHIL3210 Philosophy of the Human Person
PHIL3300 Epistemology: Ways of Knowing
PHIL3410 Political Philosophy
PHIL3520 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL3900 Directed Individual Study
PHIL3950 Special Topics in Philosophy and Ethics
PHIL6000 Aquinas: Analytic and Phenomenological approaches
PHIL6010 Business Ethics
PHIL6020 Ethical Issues in Professional Life
PHIL6050 Moral Philosophy
PHIL6070 Philosophy of Education
PHIL6080 Natural Law
PHIL6100 History of Philosophy: Ancient
PHIL6110 History of Philosophy: Medieval
PHIL6130 History of Philosophy: Modern
PHIL6140 History of Philosophy: Contemporary
PHIL6150 Philosophy of Love and Friendship
PHIL6210 Philosophy of the Human Person
PHIL6300 Epistemology: Ways of Knowing
PHIL6310 Cosmology and Philosophy of Science
PHIL6410 Political Philosophy
PHIL6510 Metaphysics: Theories of Being and Existence
PHIL6520 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL6900 Directed Individual Study
PHIL6950 Special Topics in Philosophy and Ethics
PHTH3001 Philosophy and Theology Internship
PHTH4000 Supervised Honours Philosophy and Theology
PHTH4001 Supervised Honours Philosophy and Theology
PHTH4002 Supervised Honours Philosophy and Theology
PHTH4003 Supervised Honours Philosophy and Theology
PHTH6001 Research Methods in Philosophy and Theology
PHTH6002 Reason and Revelation
PHTH6004 Supervised Dissertation Philosophy and Theology
PHTH6005 Supervised Dissertation Philosophy and Theology
PHTH6006 Supervised Dissertation Philosophy and Theology
PHTH6007 Supervised Dissertation Philosophy and Theology
PHTH6008 The Human Person in Catholic Thought
PHTH6009 The Good Life in Catholic Thought
POLI1000 Introduction to World Politics
POLI1001 Politics, Democracy and Governance in Australia
POLI3000 Religion and World Politics
POLI3006 Public Policy and Practice: The Business of Government
POLI3008 Politics Internship
POLI3014 Terrorism and Intelligence
POLI3021 The History and Politics of Southeast Asia
POLI3022 The Modern Middle East
PSYC1030 Introduction to Applied Psychology A
PSYC1040 Introduction to Applied Psychology B
PSYC2170 Developmental Psychology
PSYC2210 Social Psychology
PSYC3000 Modes of Psychological Intervention
PSYC3030 Special Topics in Applied Psychology A
PSYC3050 Special Topics in Applied Psychology B
PSYC3060 Personality Psychology
PSYC3130 Clinical Pastoral Placement
PSYC3330 Abnormal Psychology
RSCH2030 Research Methods
RSCH5101 Applied Clinical Research and Evaluation Methods
RSCH5102 Ethics for Clinical Practice and Research
RSCH5103 Developing a Research Proposal
RSCH5104 Scholarly Medical Writing and Publication
RSCH5105 Applied Clinical Research Project
RSCH7000 Quantitative Research Methods
RSCH7001 Qualitative Research Methods
RSCH7002 Scholarly Reading and Writing
RSCH7003 Developing a Research Proposal
RSCH7004 Supervised Research - Biological Studies
RSCH7005 Supervised Research - Biological Studies
RSCH7006 Supervised Research - Biological Studies
RSCH7007 Supervised Research - Biological Studies
RSCH7008 Supervised Research - Biomedical Science
RSCH7009 Supervised Research - Biomedical Science
RSCH7010 Supervised Research - Biomedical Science
RSCH7011 Supervised Research - Biomedical Science
RSCH7012 Supervised Research - Information Technology
RSCH7013 Supervised Research - Information Technology
RSCH7014 Supervised Research - Information Technology
RSCH7015 Supervised Research - Information Technology
RSCH7016 Supervised Research - Environmental Studies
RSCH7017 Supervised Research - Environmental Studies
RSCH7018 Supervised Research - Environmental Studies
RSCH7019 Supervised Research - Environmental Studies
RSCH7020 Supervised Research - Medicine
RSCH7021 Supervised Research - Medicine
RSCH7022 Supervised Research - Medicine
RSCH7023 Supervised Research - Medicine
RSCH7024 Supervised Research - Nursing
RSCH7025 Supervised Research - Nursing
RSCH7026 Supervised Research - Nursing
RSCH7027 Supervised Research - Nursing
RSCH7028 Supervised Research - Physiotherapy
RSCH7029 Supervised Research - Physiotherapy
RSCH7030 Supervised Research - Physiotherapy
RSCH7031 Supervised Research - Physiotherapy
RSCH7032 Supervised Research - Human Movement
RSCH7033 Supervised Research - Human Movement
RSCH7034 Supervised Research - Human Movement
RSCH7035 Supervised Research - Human Movement
RSCH7036 Supervised Research - Education
RSCH7037 Supervised Research - Education
RSCH7038 Supervised Research - Education
RSCH7039 Supervised Research - Education
RSCH7040 Supervised Research - Business
RSCH7041 Supervised Research - Business
RSCH7042 Supervised Research - Business
RSCH7043 Supervised Research - Business
RSCH7044 Supervised Research - Language and Literature
RSCH7045 Supervised Research - Language and Literature
RSCH7046 Supervised Research - Language and Literature
RSCH7047 Supervised Research - Language and Literature
RSCH7048 Supervised Research - Philosophy and Theology
RSCH7049 Supervised Research - Philosophy and Theology
RSCH7050 Supervised Research - Philosophy and Theology
RSCH7051 Supervised Research - Philosophy and Theology
RSCH7052 Supervised Research - Human Society (Arts)
RSCH7053 Supervised Research - Human Society (Arts)
RSCH7054 Supervised Research - Human Society (Arts)
RSCH7055 Supervised Research - Human Society (Arts)
RSCH7056 Supervised Research - Counselling
RSCH7057 Supervised Research - Counselling
RSCH7058 Supervised Research - Counselling
RSCH7059 Supervised Research - Counselling
RSCH7060 Supervised Research - Behavioural Science
RSCH7061 Supervised Research - Behavioural Science
RSCH7062 Supervised Research - Behavioural Science
RSCH7063 Supervised Research - Behavioural Science
RSCH7064 Supervised Research - Law
RSCH7065 Supervised Research - Law
RSCH7066 Supervised Research - Law
RSCH7067 Supervised Research - Law
SOCI1000 Self and Society
SOCI1020 Social Problems and Solutions
SOCI2020 Sociology of Childhood
SOCI2040 Understanding Gender
SOCI3008 Sociology Internship
SOCI3010 Sociological Theory and Method
SOCI3060 Social and Public Policy
SOJS1000 Introduction to Social Justice
SOJS1120 Living Human Rights
SOJS2040 Social Justice and the Natural World
SOJS2250 Religion and Belief 1
SOJS3000 Global Development and Justice
SOJS3008 Social Justice Internship
SOJS3170 Social Justice, Service-Learning and Community Engagement
SOJS3200 Activating Social Change
SOJS3260 Religion and Belief 2
SPAN1000 Spanish for Beginners
SPAN2000 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN2010 Intermediate Spanish II
THEO1000 Foundations of Catholic Theology
THEO1110 Introduction to the Old Testament
THEO1210 Introduction to the New Testament
THEO1520 Introduction to Christian Spirituality
THEO2002 Introduction to New Testament Greek
THEO2020 Catholic Social Thought: An Introduction
THEO2090 Liturgy: Work of God and Work of Gods People
THEO2120 Pentateuch
THEO2130 Psalms and Wisdom
THEO2210 Writings of Paul: Freedom in the Spirit
THEO2220 Synoptic Gospels: Mark and Matthew
THEO2250 Introduction to Sacramental Theology
THEO2310 Early Church History: The Story Begins
THEO2350 Reformations: Churches in the 16th Century
THEO2400 Christology
THEO2470 Fundamental Moral Theology
THEO2590 Canon Law I
THEO2900 Directed Individual Study
THEO3002 Translating New Testament Greek
THEO3010 Scripture and Church
THEO3410 Ecclesiology/Mariology
THEO3420 Eucharist I
THEO3430 Sacraments of Healing and Reconciliation
THEO3450 Marriage and Orders
THEO3470 Sacraments in Catholic Tradition
THEO3520 Ministry of Social Justice
THEO3540 Trinity
THEO3560 Marriage and Sexuality
THEO3900 Directed Individual Study
THEO3950 Special Topics in Theology
THEO6002 Introduction to New Testament Greek
THEO6004 Early Church History: The Story Begins
THEO6005 Sacraments of Healing and Reconciliation
THEO6006 Writings of Paul: Freedom in the Spirit
THEO6010 Scripture and Church
THEO6012 Translating New Testament Greek
THEO6110 Introduction to Old Testament
THEO6120 Pentateuch
THEO6130 Psalms and Wisdom
THEO6150 Theology of Leadership
THEO6210 Introduction to the New Testament
THEO6250 Introduction to Sacramental Theology
THEO6350 Foundations of Moral Theology
THEO6400 Christology
THEO6410 Fundamental Theology
THEO6420 Eucharist I
THEO6440 Mystery of Christ: Church and Sacrament
THEO6450 Marriage and Orders
THEO6470 Sacraments in Catholic Tradition
THEO6510 Liturgy: Work of God and Work of God’s People
THEO6520 Ministry of Social Justice
THEO6540 Trinity
THEO6560 Marriage and Sexuality
THEO6900 Directed Individual Study
THEO6950 Special Topics in Theology
THTR1000 Theory and Practice of Acting 1
THTR1050 Theory and Practice of Modern Theatre
THTR2000 Theory and Practice of Acting II
THTR2010 Theatre Crafts
THTR3008 Theatre Studies Internship
THTR3060 Australian Theatre
THTR3090 Fundamentals of Directing
THTR3120 Devised Production Workshop
THTR3410 Drama in the Age of Shakespeare
WRIT2000 Narrative Writing
WRIT3000 Writing for Performance
WRIT3010 Writing Project
WRIT6000 Reading and Writing
WRIT6001 Freelance Writing
WRIT6002 Corporate Writing
WRIT6003 Fiction Writing
WRIT6004 Creative Non-Fiction Writing
WRIT6005 Playwriting
WRIT6006 Advanced Screenwriting
WRIT6007 Editing and Publishing in the Digital Age
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