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I am having trouble gaining access to an article

The article is:
Article: Regularity and counterfactuality in Hume's treatment of causation
Author: Oscar de Almeida Marques, José
Journal: Kriterion
ISSN: 0100-512X Date: 01/12/2011
Volume: 52 Issue: 124 Page: 355 - 364

It comes up in Summon under a search using the terms 'regularity theory AND david hume but when I click on the link it only has a link to the journal. I can't find it using the journals own search page either. Not sure if this is because access is not allowed?
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The article being saught is open access. Summon treats these resources a little differently to other types of articles. 

When you click on the article title or the Full Text Online link in Summon, you will be taken to the homepage of the relevant journal - but not to the actual article.  This is because open access don’t index their articles.

In this instance, you need to click on the ALL button at the top of the screen, choose volume 52, issue 124 then scroll through the contents of that issue until you find it.

For other open access articles it's a similar process - just use the citation information (volume, issue, author etc) to work through to track down the required article within the journal site.


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