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What are the limits for photocopying from hardcopy sources?

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2016  |  325 Views

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The copying limits for hardcopy sources are:

  • Articles in a periodical publication - one article in an issue of a periodical can be copied. Two or more articles may be copied if they relate to the same specific subject matter.
  • Anthology - a literary or dramatic work contained in a published anthology, and comprising not more than 15 pages of the anthology - whole or part can be copied.
  • All other copying of literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work – what is termed a ‘reasonable portion’ of the work can be copied. A ‘reasonable portion’ is deemed to be no more that 10% of the pages in the edition, or one chapter (if the work is divided into chapters), whichever is the greater.
  • Artistic works - can be copied together with the text they explain or illustrate. If copied separately, the whole of an artistic work can be copied if it has not been separately published. If it has been separately published, the whole can be copied ONLY if the provisions relating to out-of-print and unavailable works apply.
  • Diagrams, maps and tables - are considered to be artistic works and can be subject to copyright in their own right. They can be copied together with the text they explain or illustrate. If they are copied separately the provisions relating to artistic works apply.
  • Out of print or unavailable works - more than 10% or one chapter can be copied only if the University is satisfied, after reasonable investigation, that copies (other than second-hand) of the work cannot be obtained within a reasonable time (6 months for textbooks, 30 days in other cases), at an ordinary commercial price.

Please view the Copyright Guide on the University Library website for more information about the above topic as well as other areas of Copyright.

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