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Can you reference a page number as a roman numeral if it is in the introduction and only roman numerals are given and not page numbers.

I had this reference: Primoratz, above n 2, xx in which the page numbers I was referring to in the introduction are in roman numerals and I was wondering whether the way I cited it was allowed in AGLC3
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AGLC3 seems to provide no guidance on whether Roman numerals can be used as a pinpoint (page) reference in the way that you have, although the alternative of substituting '20' for 'xx' in your footnote would seem to be misleading.

AGLC3 1.1.5 Pinpoint References:

A pinpoint reference to a page should appear as a number...

AGLC3 1.4.2 Above and Below:

You seem to have complied with the citation rule, unless referring to one of the excluded resource types that are nominated there.

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