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How do I insert an organisation's acronym in my references using EndNote?

I know that I have to use the full form of the name the first time I use it, and in the reference list/bibliography, but I don't want to repeat it through the whole essay.
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To include an acronym or abbreviation of an organisation's full name in references using EndNote, please follow these steps:

  1. Add the organisation's full name, followed by the bracketed acronym in the Author field of the EndNote reference, with a comma at the very end (this is to ensure it appears in the end text references correctly).

  2. The first time the reference is used as an in-text citation, insert the full name (with acronym) version.
  3. For second and subsequent uses of the organisation name, you may use the acronym only.  To do this for an APA in-text reference:

Author (Year): use the edit function to change the reference format so that it is the Exclude Author style, and manually type the acronym before the date brackets.
(Author, Year): use the edit function to change the reference format as above, and add the acronym as a Prefix, remembering to type the comma and space after it so that it appears correctly.




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