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How do I cite a reference in text which has come from another source?

I am using a book by Brown, Sokal and Friedman, who cite Guastello. Do I put Brown et al. in my reference list but write Guastello in my text? How do I write that correctly (punctuation etc.)?
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This is called secondary referencing. You should always try to access the original source (Guastello), as Brown et al. may have put their own slant on the information from Guastello.

If you cannot locate the cited source, then you may cite it as a secondary reference. Your in-text citation should refer to both sets of authors, and your reference list should only refer to the source you have read - in this case Brown, Sokal & Friedman.

For example:


(Guastello as cited in Brown, Sokal, & Friedman, 2014) OR Guastello (as cited in Brown, Sokal, & Friedman, 2014)

Reference List

Brown, N. J. L., Sokal, A. D., & Friedman, H. L. (2014). Positive psychology and romantic scientism. The American Psychologist, 69(6), 636-637. doi:10.1037/a003739

Please refer to the official UNDA Referencing Guide (linked the bottom of the page) for more information on referencing in the style appropriate to your discipline.

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