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How can I manage the contacts on MyND portal email?

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2015  |  63 Views
Topics: IT Services

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MyND portal email includes Global Address List (GAL) which is for contact details within the organisation. For example, if you are student, your GAL includes, all important contacts are included (e.g.: contacts of Student Administration Office). However you can create a contact to store the information about people you communicate with, and you will be able to manage the contact by creating the group.


<How do I create a contact>

You can create a contact to store the information about people you communicate with, including their e-mail address, street address, and telephone numbers.


1.       Click “People” on left bottom of Outlook.



2.       Click “New Contact”.

3.       Fill in the details.


4.       Click “Save & Close”.


5.       The contact has been created.



<How do I create a group>

Instead of inserting multiple email address on email or meeting invitation, you can create and manage your contacts in a group, and you can use the group to send email and meeting invitation. This function is known as “Distribution List”.

Please note that groups that you create in your contacts folder aren't available to other users in your organization. Public groups in the shared address book are available to all users.


1.       Click “People” on left bottom of Outlook.


2.       Click New “Contact Group”.

3.       Type your preferred group name.

4.       Click “Add Members”.

5.       Select how you would like to insert the address from, and choose the contact that you would like to add to the group.

-        From Outlook Contacts (your contacts under “people” ) or

-        From Address Book (Global Address Book)

6.       If the contacts are not available in GAL or your “people” list, you can directly add the contact. When you select this option, the following windows pops up. Fill in the details and click “OK”.

7.      Once you selected (or added) the contact Click “OK”.

8.       The newly added member(s) appear under the group, and the group that you have created is now listed under the contact.

9.       Click “Save & Close”.


10.      When you send email or meeting invitation, you can type your group name. All contacts in the group will receive the email and / or meeting invitation.

12.   You are able to view all email trail under “Group”.


When you require further assistance, please contact IT Services.

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